Caverns and Cyclopses

The Road So Far...

Brennus Korrahdin is seen in contact with his sister who traveled from her Kingdom, she tells him of the people in the Village that he is to pass through. In need of money, Brennus takes usual odd jobs. She tells him that some of the people would gladly hire him to eradicate a ruin crawling with Goblins. Brennus enters the village, and as predicted is sent to take out the goblins that inhabit the ruin. He clears the ruin, and returns on his way.

On his way to the town of Travensburg, he runs into an Eldarin who is in combat with a Fire Beetle, and two Skeletons. The Cleric Eldarin strikes down the Skeletons with ease, and then Brennus comes in to strike the Beetle. In the end of the conflict, Brennus turns his blade to the now childish Star Ra’Shall. Ra’Shall is extremely trusting of Brennus, and so Brennus goes off with Star to Travensburg. The two search for a shop in the town, but whilst on their search they are stopped by a conflict at the local tavern. An intoxicated Gnome is thrown out of the Tavern, and performs a few cantrips. After a few minutes, Star walks over to the Gnome and detoxifies him. The Gnome, Samuel Nittington, is the local drunk. He isn’t very smart, but he is a rather good spellcaster so together Brennus and Star decide that he is worth dragging along. The three find the General Shop, and Brennus examines the Keep. Judging size, muscle… Brennus takes off his shirt and flexes with the man behind the counter. Flexing well, the Man behind the counter quickly befriends Brennus. The keep’s name is Louis Alex Armstrong.

From here the party decides to venture to the Magic shop. The party searches the shop. Brennus searches through the items that the keep is holding. Going through it all, he buys quite a few items. Star is interested in a Moonstone. The owner, Benjamin, offers a trade for service. It was reported that Goblins have been attacking shipments of goods, blocking trade. He says that if the party gets rid of the goblin problem, then Star can have the moonstone. The party separates, Brennus to Louis, Star to the Church, and Samuel to… Do gnome things. Brennus finds out that the Armstrong knows nothing more than the party does, but send him to his cousin the smith. Whilst talking to the clergymen, the gnome bursts in on Star
BLOODY MURDER!” He screams, then proceeds to speak of blood at the blacksmith’s hut. Brennus and the rest of the party arrive at about the same time. There is blood, so they enter. The place is torn up, so Brennus leaves to inform Armstrong who suits up and chases down the trail.

Eventually they reach a clearing where the other Armstrong is. Floating, the Armstrong morphs into a Hooked Horror. A great battle begins, eventually ending by Star’s divine grace. A Darkened crystal is found, and the Armstrong is dropped. Star uses Gentle Repose on the other Armstrong, and they trek back to the church. There they preform a ritual to completely revitalize the Armstrong. The healing process is more than successful, but now for the Crystal. The Priest and Star purify it after some time, and Samuel turns it into a crystal of light. Then the party gears up to find the camp. Both Armstrongs tag along. A battle with a Spider takes place, and the Gnome freaks out which somehow involved setting the forest on fire. Brennus kills the spider by cleaving it in half with his Flaming Bastard Sword. This does not go unrecognized by Armstrong. They set up for the night, and At Camp everyone exchanges stories. In the morning, Samuel is seen being carried away by an orc……..

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