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Welcome to your world…

There truly is no turning back, as you will soon learn. It all starts when our heroes meet under unlikely circumstances in the village of Travensburg

As you go along your journey, you will come across various critters and creatures of assorted sizes and dispositions. As you interact with some of the more fantastic monsters the world has to offer, they will be put down in the Monster Manual for reference. As your group learns more about these particular strains of deadlies, the knowledge gained will be noted in the manual like a journal. Keep checking back for updates, as having an out-of-character knowledge of certain things helps react to them better in-character.

You may also wish to learn a little more about the culture, civilization and history of the world. For that, I introduce Religion, Streetwise, and History. These will provide you with a basic, everyday-knowledge look at the world around you, and then will expand as you learn more in the game.

From now on, if you want a little extra backstory, lore, general information and such, jumping around on this Wiki will prove useful. It’s a good way to really immerse yourself in the world, if that’s your kind of thing. Otherwise, it’s just a good resource for me to keep track of things behind the scenes. If you happen to use it, though, happy hunting!

Main Page

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